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Surprising Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

You should know that erectile dysfunction means not achieving an erection or partially achieving an erection as this will make a man unable to have sexual intercourse. Here are some of the potential courses of erectile dysfunction that you should know.

The first one is medication. It is essential to note that medication comes with a slew of side effects that can result in erectile dysfunction. Some of these medicines are antidepressants, antipsychotics, and blood pressure medication. For that matter, you should discuss additional treatment with your doctor if you believe your medication is causing your erectile dysfunction. This way your doctor may prescribe an additional medication such as Serrapeptase for erectile dysfunction to help you achieve your medication.

In addition, erectile dysfunction can also be caused by high blood pressure. It has been confirmed that two-thirds of men with high blood pressure experience erectile dysfunction. The reason behind this is that it damages the blood vessels that deliver blood to the male genitals. One thing with this is that it will also prevent ejaculation and general sexual desire.

Besides, we also have insecurity. It is essential to note that your brain needs stimulation in order to send signals to increase the amount of blood to your genitals. This is something that your brain will not do when you feel insecure around your partner.

Apart from that, we have anti-baldness drugs. It is essential to note that many anti-baldness drugs contain finasteride which interferes with testosterone production. Even though not all anti-baldness treatments can cause erectile issues.

Erectile problems can also be caused by Peyronie’s diseases. You find that this disease results into the overproduction of scar tissue thus producing a bending sensation during erection as this will turn you off sex.

Steroids is another thing that causes erectile dysfunction. Most of the people always use the steroids to build their muscles being that it contains artificial testosterone. However this will cause your natural testosterone levels to fluctuate from high to low. But your body needs a healthy testosterone balance to achieve an erection.

Apart from that, we also have cycling. One good thing with exercise is that it can effectively treat erectile dysfunction but you should not opt for cycling. This is because it puts weight on the perineum which is the skin between the anus and testicle. One thing that you should know with perineum is that it is the skin that supplies the blood to the genitals as this will result in erectile dysfunction if there is not enough blood supply.