Benefits of Colocation

You Own the Hardware

The entire concept of colocation is based around the fact that you own the web server, and this is also the biggest benefit. Owning your own web server allows you to have complete control over it. This means that there are absolutely no limitations as to the software you can install on it, the plugins or extensions that you use, or any other customizations you want to make. Because the server is yours, you can do whatever it is that you want to it.

Your Server Will Always Stay Where It Is

With colocation your web server will be placed in a data center, and it will always stay in that data center. This is beneficial in case your business ever moves, or if you don’t have an actual office space. While other types of hosting will keep the server in one physical location as well, that server won’t be yours; and you won’t have complete control over it.

Managed Hosting Is Still Available With Colocation

Some of those who have heard about colocation and its benefits are still reluctant to try it because they think that they’ll need to be responsible for the management of the server. Knowing that other types of hosting, such as dedicated or VPS, come with managed options, they opt for that instead. However, managed services are still available with colocation, depending on the data center you choose and the agreement you have with them.

Bandwidth Costs

The cost you’ll pay for your bandwidth is also one of the biggest benefits that comes with colocation services. With other types of hosting you’ll typically choose from a number of packages, each with their own limit of bandwidth. You’ll pay that price even if you don’t use all the bandwidth outlined in the contract. With colocation however, your bandwidth is closely monitored and you’ll pay only for what you use. Yet you’ll have as much as you want available to you!


Colocation has an advantage over certain other types of hosting, such as hosting the server yourself, when it comes to the security involved. Data centers have the best security measures in place including security patches installed, surge protection, and of course, firewalls and hacker protection as well. These are security measures that even large office buildings typically can’t provide, but are standard features with colocation.