Build A Cheap Web Hosting Company

Find a name

Peter Randall remembers that it took him years to come up with his cheap web hosting company name because he wanted to find the perfect sound. This is an example of a serious mistake. The first thing you need to do when starting a business is to pick a name quickly, and then commit to it. There is never going to be the perfect name just waiting to be found, and the longer you wait, the more likely someone else will find a better name than you.

Get registered

All cheap web hosting companies need to obtain an employee identification number before they can begin working. This number is used to legally show the government that you are legitimate. You will not need this number if you are working solo, but as soon as you hire some web designers and search engine optimization specialists, it’s time to jump into the Office of Employees. It’s free to sign up for a number and only takes 15 minutes maximum to complete.

Obtain your business license

Every country in the world requires that you have a business license to run your cheap web hosting company. It doesn’t matter if you are in England or the Netherlands, you will need one within the first 3 months of opening. The form only takes 30 minutes to complete and requires your social security number. You must be a legal citizen in the country you’re opening your company in to be considered legal. One of the questions on the paperwork requires that you write an essay on how you will handle employee issues so practice worst-case scenarios in your head before you start the process.