Some Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Hosting Plan

Going For a Package without a Refund Guarantee

While many hosting companies will give you a package with a refund guarantee, there are other tricky companies that will sell you packages that come without a guarantee.

Remember that buying a hosting package doesn’t mean that you have to use it. Sometimes you can find that the package doesn’t fulfill your requirements. To avoid wasting a lot of your money you should go for a company that provides you with a refund guarantee.

Going For Very Cheap Hosting Plans

While it’s recommended that you go for low cost hosting in order to save money, research studies have shown that extremely cheap plans tend to be too costly for your business. For example, most of the extremely cheap plans tend to place an advertisement banner on your website. When a visitor clicks on it he/she is taken to another site which is costly for you.

Extremely cheap plans also tend to be unreliable thus you don’t have a guarantee that your website will be live when you need it. To avoid this trouble you should go for a paid package that you can comfortably afford.

Not Testing the Customer Service

You are bound to hit some roadblocks in your online journey and the customer service team is of great importance to you. Before you buy a given package it’s wise that you test the customer service team.

Select Hosting Service Provider

According to a study conducted by a known research firm, approximately 60{1c506433ea10796b3d219f47f8616a08afd4be9fbde8a7f45d5e83a21c9ed46f} of businesses fail due to incompetent IT infrastructure. Be it manufacturing, automation, accounting, or distribution, one wrong decision affects overall business functionality. It would be no exaggeration to state that business automation is an immensely complex yet a demanding process. In order to accelerate the business’s productivity, a well-equipped solution provider can help you multiply the profit dividends. However, for that, you need to accept the fact that one size never fits for all. Making a right decision makes the difference between success and failure.

Common Mistakes that You All Should Eliminate for Healthy Business Performance

It is no secret that automating a business is an intricate task and it has the potential to impact various correlated operations of a business for about 4 to 6 years. Roughly, if all expenses are to be calculated, including the cost of the time your employees spend during a period of time, the cost will be around $30,000 to $400,000 or even more. Considering the mentioned figure, it is really baffling how some organizations do not focus on critical aspects when making a decision for their respective businesses. Below are a few steps that will help you know the common mistakes followed by its remedies:

Every Managed Service Provider is Different: One of the misconceptions that exist in the mind of most of the end-users is that the tool or technology they have purchased from a recommended hosting benefactor is absolute and that is why they cannot go wrong at any time. This is something like assuming that a bullock cart and a car are same. Only if their purpose is to use for carrying goods from one place to another, both of them can perform a similar function. However, if they are looking out for speed and agility, only the latter proves a befitting solution. The same goes with a business automation solution. There is a big difference between two solutions. Here is the catch; you need to first understand the company’s goals and priorities. Chart down all the requirements, applications, and processes that are required to fit your carved IT setup.

Cheapest Solution is the Best: Selecting a service provider just because it offers the desired services at relatively low costs is not at all a witty idea. Remember, lack of advanced technology, expert assistance, and service availability can have a potential and direct impact on company’s bottom line. Managed service provider is a viable alternative as it helps in bolstering productivity and ensures efficacy in ongoing business operations.

Outsourcing Managed Hosting Service is not a viable option: A few of the organizations are reluctant to outsource their critical IT operations to third-party vendors as they assume that they can manage operations on their own. If you have experts, resources and talents to manage your IT ecosystem, go ahead. If not, rethink on your decision. Professional-managed hosting benefactors have expertise that can help you deliver business value. They have the right performance monitoring techniques and managed hosting professionals to keep your business always moving.

Forced Selection of Vendor: If you decide to establish an association with a host without conducting proper investigations about the same, trust me, the chance to fall prey to bogus benefactor is no less. Recommendations from friends and colleagues will certainly be an icing on the top, however, you should not rely upon them completely until and unless you yourself have not evaluated it.

Now let’s move to the other important factors that you should consider when making a decision:

Portfolio of Services: It is essential to ensure that the service provider has the breadth of capabilities to handle your dynamic business demands. To put it simply, the provider’s data center facility should be equipped with scalable network infrastructure so that your growing business demands can be efficiently handled. Plus it should offer a host of services like cloud hosting, email hosting, and hybrid cloud so that if in future you want to add such services to your bucket you can easily do it.

Company Profile: Have a look at company’s profile and ensure it has rich industry experience in the same domain. Compare it with the other hosting providers for comparison and better understanding.

Invest in an Email Hosting Service

With email hosting, you can outsource your IT needs. This includes in-house technology, IT personnel and related issues. You can use your IT and business resources better with an outsourced service.

Email hosting gives peace of mind. Your emails are secured, backed up, and running all the time. Also, you get all day support all year-round with a technical team you can contact 24/7 whenever you have concerns.

The providers of such services are up to date in terms of spam and virus protection. Remove the complications involving the installation and maintenance of an in-house email solution. With such service, you get the most up-to-date anti-virus, anti-spam and security technologies. A live technical team also provides 24/7, 365 day support.

The services also include highest performance and reliability, as well as support and administration. The host in a well-managed hosting environment has full responsibility over the center, devices, operating system, application infrastructure elements and network, making the operating environment stable for all applications.

Email hosting improves communication between office personnel and those in the field. It lets you locate addresses plus other contact info among shared lists that can be viewed and edited by anyone. Meetings can be set by viewing participants’ schedules to know when they are free or busy. You can also give access to administrators and support personnel to assign tasks.

With email hosting, you can have access at any time or place. It lets you stay wirelessly and continuously connected wherever you are. Those who travel a lot can read, compose and reply to messages/attachments even if they are with their clients, on the way to a meeting or simply working from home as they maintain a single, synchronized mailbox.

Protect Data Centers Against Vulnerabilities

Professional Disaster Recovery Services

Time is money. Today, many leading businesses prefer to opt for third-party DR solutions so that they can focus on other strategic initiatives, cutback total cost of ownership and leverage advanced technological architecture. By adapting to disaster recovery as a service module, data center providers can bring down the threat of human-made errors competently.

These recovery solutions are impressive, bestowed with the potential to shield all the assets – from critical data to IT assets in the most holistic manner. Technically, these services are buoyed by fully-resilient data centers and are delivered through Infrastructure-as-a-Service technology.

Cloud Powered DRaaS Services

Today, there is a broad spectrum of hosting vendors, offering a complete portfolio of business essential services like VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and disaster recovery as a service. These service providers offer round the clock failover protection so that business functions stay functional and out of the danger zone. Do not forget to analyze your provider’s potential when making a choice. A reliable benefactor offers super-scalable yet economical computing capabilities for executing failsafe disaster recovery strategies embedded with stringent security controls.

Not to mention, a reliable provider protects you against vulnerabilities and a bogus will cause irrecoverable losses.

Linux Distribution


Linux is absolutely free of charge and is distributed under GPL. Windows, in its turn, is distributed exclusively under a license. A separate license covers each server, which multiplies server costs. Very often web hosts include some part of the licensing fee into the cost of web hosting per month.

Software Installation

In order to install additional software in Linux you just have to type a corresponding command and the system will find and install the necessary program itself (if the program you are looking for is in the Linux repository). Windows has nothing compared to it.


Thanks to its architecture Linux enjoys greater immunity to all kinds of virus attacks. Windows, on the contrary, requires installation of additional anti-virus software.

Mentioned above are just the main differences of Linux and Windows. Meanwhile, your choice can be entirely different in case your project is designed to go with a specific operating system.

Choosing a Linux Distribution


Ubuntu – an operating system using the Linux Kernel. It is based on the Debian project. The main developer and sponsor of Ubuntu is Canonical Ltd.

An advantage worth mentioning is that you can find loads of information on how to set up a server using Ubuntu.


CentOS is a GNU/Linux distribution based on free source texts of a commercial distribution named Red Hat Enterprise Linux by Red Hat, Inc. and compatible with it.


Debian is a free operating system and a set of applications for your server. Debian uses the Linux Kernel but most of its utilities were developed within the GNU project.

One of the downsides is that its stable version tends to get outdated.


Gentoo is a popular Linux distribution with the powerful and flexible Portage technology which combines configuration possibilities, settings and an automatic package managing system.

Arch Linux

Arch is a simple and flexible distribution. It is optimized for i686 and x64. Arch Linux is using the most up-to-date stable package versions and is based on the community-supported Arch User Depository (AUR).

Bluehost or HostGator

The answer is very simple. All free platforms have the right to pull down a site without notice if they feel that the site is infringing on their terms of use. Some reserve the right to remove a site without giving an explanation. Yet others might be pulled down if the free hosting platform provider shuts down its services. So all the work done by a web master or blog owner could be lost in an instant if this happens. And all this pain for a few dollars a month.

Two of the giants in the professional web hosting world are Bluehost and HostGator. Both are well established and have millions of subscribers on their books. It goes without saying that both strive to remain dominant in this field. And they do this by offering similar features and throwing in a special offer or more.

To get back to the Bluehost or HostGator comparison, one must check out the similar features they both offer. Both offer unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. Both plans also offer other features such as unlimited email accounts, 24/7 support and shopping carts among others. These are true for the single plan offered by Bluehost and are also true for the Baby plan offered by HostGator. The Hatchling plan offered by the latter does not offer all these features. For the purpose of this Bluehost or HostGator contest, I will compare the single Bluehost plan with the HostGator’s Baby plan. This is because Bluehost offers just one plan as compared to HostGator, which might be seen as being very inflexible. However both the single plan and the Baby Plan mentioned earlier are both adequate for personal and small business use.

Advantages of Remote Sage 50 Hosting

Lower Your IT Costs

With remote hosting you don’t need to have a high-powered computer or expensive servers in order to access your financial data. Since the applications are run remotely, your desktop or laptop won’t require the hefty processing power that was once demanded by desktop-based software of days gone by. When you are using web-based applications, you can operate your business using smaller and more efficient machines with less processing power; which can translate to a dramatic savings in hardware purchases. In addition, your computers won’t be bogged down with applications that are memory and processing power hogs, you’ll find your primary machine is about to run a lot more efficiently. You can even potentially access your data using your web-ready tablet, which is certainly a brand new way of doing business.

Software Updates in a Snap

By operating your financial solutions remotely you will no longer be faced with the need to choose between the high costs of upgrading your software or using obsolete versions of the software. When the application is web-based, the updates will happen automatically and will be available to you the very next time that you log in. This will also ensure that you and every member of your staff, along with your clients, have the most recent version of the software to use.

Storage Capacity, to the Max

Another great benefit to a hosted Sage 50 hosting environment is that you will have virtually unlimited amounts of storage at your fingertips. No longer will you need to be concerned with running out of space on your office computer or needing to upgrade your server’s capabilities. In a virtual setting it is almost effortless to add more storage if you are in need of it.

Right Web Hosting Solution

First, is the shared web hosting option. As suggested by the name, a single server houses a large number of websites. There is an option to put two different websites under different heads with the help of a separator. Since this solution is somewhat the low cost option available, many prefer this system and yes, the service is said to be good. The simple reason for its low prices is the division of the ownership and separate payment as well.

If your business is in the initial stages, it is highly recommended that you choose this. For people who have plans to stick to their limited budgets are also welcome to continue or start using Shared Web Hosting.

The best part about using this option is that, you can effectively get your prices slashed and handle the web traffic as well. Nevertheless, the option of solutions customized will be limited. Though you will undoubtedly be exposed to resources which are unlimited, there is of course no guarantee that you can be allowed to get whimsical about it. This type is more suited for people owning personal blogs and websites having very less content. Nonetheless, this solution is pocket friendly, but the resources are spread all over the users who own multiple sites.

A mixture of both dedicated web hosting and shared, this system allows you to operate the server as private. Nevertheless, the server remains the same and progresses to host the websites owned by others, sometimes multiple websites owned by the same person. However, the biggest advantage is that the server can be employed according to your wish, with the specified features provided.

Other advantages include better security, a sturdy performance on the part of your server and of course the freedom to employ customized solutions as per the wish and the need. The best features of dedicated hosting is somewhat embedded in VPS and yet the cost effectiveness of the shared system is present.

cPanel For VPS Server

There are several other features of the cPanel for VPS server which makes it a great tool to have. The first benefit is that it offers the user the opportunity to monitor website statistics such as the number of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly visits to the website. It makes for such ease with which to learn more about any incoming traffic. With this tool, you can learn about the location, browsers as well as search engines and other external links used to access your website. Likewise, one would find that there is a feature designed to ease the process of managing the mail system.

File management is made possible and easy with the cPanel for VPS server. The presence of MySQL makes it easier to manage databases. The installation of any kind of software to the website is simplified when using some of the features provided by this tool such as Fantastico, Installatron and Softaculous. Managing domains is made fairly simple using the contact details provided through this tool. You can carry out creation and management of subdomains without much difficulty in addition to redirecting domains as per your needs and desires as well.

Some of the advantages of cPanel for VPS server include making it easy to upload web pages. It also gives the users an easier time in terms of managing the same pages using its well-developed file manager. Its web disk is a feature that enables the user to easily drag and drop any files of choice to the account of the customer. The file transfer methods used through this software or tools are the more traditional ones such as FTPS, SFTP and FTP. The access rights are specific enough to allow for the creation of additional FTP accounts which other users can work with.

Provision of anti-spam features, such as SpamAssassin, is one of the advantages associated with using cPanel for VPS server. It is used to provide sufficient and effective backup to the user’s website. Both the beginners and advanced users can find several benefits from using cPanel software.

Ease of Use

It is acknowledged that one of the features which makes cPanel for VPS server such an attraction is the ease of navigation. Moreover, the client interface is both colorful and vibrant. Its menu appears on the main page and is icon-based. It supports a wide range of operating systems known to many people for use as web servers. Currently, there is on-going work to come up with versions of cPanel which will comply with both Mac and Windows operating systems as well. It dominates the control panel industry which helps maintain web hosting platforms.