Reseller Hosting

Let’s take a tour through some of the key tips that will help you in maximizing your income through reseller hosting.

Market Reputation: The market image of company with whom you have decided to partner with is highly significant. Since you will be reselling hosting solutions offered by them, therefore always make sure beforehand that you choose a stable and reliable vendor. Some of the key attributes that you should pay attention to while selecting a parent hosting company include plans or packages on discount, pricing, domain proficiency, IT infrastructure, technical support and guaranteed up-time, to name a few.

Reseller Account: Once you are done with selection procedure, and got your account registered, you will be given an authorized access to a user-friendly control panel. Through this panel, you can seamlessly setup your own hosting plans and packages. Plus, select attributes and payment model to match your and your clients’ business requirements. Apart from this, you can perform extensive administrative tasks, including account creation, suspension and removal, and IP address prohibition.

Payment structure: Another key feature that you should not overlook at all is the structure of an effective payment model, which will enable you to wisely charge your customers. This means that you will be able to send automatic notifications to your customers and collect payment, the time it is due. Generally speaking, most of the well-known companies offer a free pricing model, in tandem with your account. You can even setup payment calendar as well as inevitably send customers notifications, as per your preferences.

Promotion: As any business does, you even have to promote the services/solutions offered by your hosting partner to generate potential sales leads. Through viral marketing campaigns and other related activities you can drive more business as well as inform target audience about the services/solutions. Therefore, you have to think tactfully and strategize accordingly to market your services in right manner. Some of the most popular ways to do viral promotion are online marketing, classifieds, website development and link building.