There are lots of hosting service providers that claim to improve the SEO of the website. But most of them are claimed only for marketing purposes. SEO is a very important part of a website to gain organic traffic and a wider reach among the audience.

An SEO tool can help an individual or a business achieve their goals by analysing their weakness and finding new online opportunities. Here we have listed a few hosting service providers that offer effective SEO tools along with top-notch web hosting services:

  1. Hostgator:

Hostgator offers amazing SEO suite for beginners as well as experienced website owners alike; they have two popular plans for :

a) Hatchling Plan

The ‘Hatchling’ plan is ideal for beginners, who intend to host only 1 blog/website – it offers features such as:

  • Recommendation with Marketing Report
  • Monthly Report on Email
  • Analyses of Two Competitor Websites
  • Ranking Reports of 5 Keywords
  • Website Scanning Every Week
  • Analysis of 50 Webpages
  • Submission of Site to Search Engine

b) Baby Plan

Baby Plan is the best pick and is ideal for serious website owners for improved traffic and keyword ranking. All the features of Start Plan are included it along with extra features such as:

  • Targeted Recommendation
  • Dynamic Marketing Report
  • Daily Notification and Alerts for Website Improvement
  • Overall Report of Website Every Month
  • Analyses of Four Websites of Competitor
  • Ranking Reports of Fifteen Keywords
  • Priority Tasks
  • Website Scanning Everyday
  • Analysis of Upto 500 Webpages
  • Submission of Webpages to Search Engine
  1. Hostinger

Here are the SEO tool features of Hostinger:

  • hPanel: Hostinger has one of the most simplified versions of cPanel called hPanel. It helps in faster installation of CMS such as WordPress, faster website setup and SEO toolkit access.
  • 7 Data Centers for Higher Website Performance: Website performance can be greatly increased by changing the data centre to the nearest location of the audience. It can improve loading speed and other aspects of SEO.
  • LiteSpeed Cache: The WordPress of Hostinger is already installed with LiteSpeed Cache to increase the website’s performance.
  • Additional Features: You can get unlimited bandwidth, email & websites and more space with Premium Shared Hosting Plan, which can help improve the SEO efforts.
  1. InterServer:

InterServer’s effective SEO features include:

  • Best Website Performance During Peak Hour: Interserver only uses up to half of the resources available. When a website is running at its peak time, the website on the same server will not disrupt the traffic.
  • LiteSpeed Technology: It helps increase the performance of the website.
  • Traffic Statistics in cPanel: The cPanel of the InterServer will display in-depth data related to the page visited, time spent on the website, and data of online visitors.
  • SEO Panel: The SEO panel of InterServer includes an SEO profile, keyword position checker, Moz rank checker, and SEO site auditor.
  • Cloudflare CDN: It helps to enhance the loading speed of the webpage for non-US visitors.
  1. A2 Hosting

The benefits of A2 Hosting’s SEO tools include:

  • Performance Plus Add-On: With this add-on plan, you can handle unexpected high traffic any time of the day.
  • Turbo Server: The turbo server helps the site to load faster by 20 times than usual.
  • Configured CMS: A2 Hosting is highly configured and optimized with many CMS such as PrestaShop, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress for faster installation and better performance.
  1. SiteGround:

The salient features of SiteGround’s SEO tools include:

  • LXC Technology: With this technology, SiteGround helps in providing dedicated resource allocation to a website on the same server. Another website on the same server cannot interrupt your website and its performance.
  • Google Cloud Platform: SiteGround’s partnership with GCP helps to improve the scalability, stability and performance of the website. As a result, the overall SEO will be improved for the website.

Hope this article will help you to decide on the best web hosting service provider that also offers great SEO tools in their hosting plan.

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